Used Wreckers For Sale Oklahoma City

Used Wreckers For Sale Oklahoma City

While looking for used wreckers for sale in Oklahoma City, understand that they aren’t all made alike. Finding the right used wreckers for sale for your company is an important decision. Also referred to as breakdown or recovery tow trucks, used wreckers can haul vehicles by a number of various methods. The 3 primary types of tow trucks include the hook and chain, the chain and boon, as well as the rollback. Each has specific capabilities that need to be considered.
The hook and chain is the sort of used wrecker that you can find for sale and thateverybody is acquainted with. Towing with this type of truck involves hooking a large chain around the axles or perhaps the vehicle’s frame. The chained end from the vehicle will be lifted up to the air with the truck’s boon, making it towed. Lots of care needs to be taken because this method can damage the axle or the frame.

Used Wreckers For Sale of Oklahoma City

A different type of used wrecker uses the method generally known as chain and boon. This resembles the hook and chain method but offers more support for the towed vehicle. A metallic yoke lies beneath the front tires. It then is employed to lift itoff the turf, allowing the car to get towed. You’ll find integrated used wreckers, sometimes referred to as self loaders or snatchers, which can be used primarily for repo work. The boom and wheel lift apparatus are integrated into one unit.

By providing some distinct advantages, rollback (flatbed) trucks are becoming a popular choice. The movable flatbed is rolled back and tilted with an angle. Because it is lowered down, it resembles a ramp-like platform. A strong winch pulls the car on the platform that’s then leveled back onto the truckbed. Vehicles which are operable might be driven to the platform. Machinery with track-mobility like Caterpillars are transported with rollbacks. These days you can find a lot of these used wreckers for sale on the market in Oklahoma City.

Used Wreckers For Sale in Oklahoma City

There are various types of used wreckers for sale on the market in Oklahoma City from light duty to heavy duty with a mixture of add-on features to improve versatility. Contact our team to talk about your tow truck needs. Call us (717) 684-0189 or fill out our contact form and tell us what your needs are. You can also check out our used wreckers for sale here:


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